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FreeHeartStuff (Week 15)

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This is a remix of my song KISS by WILD CUB (my wonderful friends keegan dewitt and jeremy bullock) check out more WILD CUB music here.

FreeHeartStuff (Week 14)

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his video is post shooting with the wondrous steven taylor (photographer extraordinaire: jenna rainey ( and blair borland (look her up she’s ahhhhhmazing) all afternoon and right before i walked into a bar and drank a celebratory glass of tequila.


and i thought it would be appropriate seeing as this weeks theme is so golden to link a free download to FlyGoldenEagle‘s remix of Let’s Go! gogogogoooooo.

FreeHeartStuff (Week 13)

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kyle and i stuck around the studio taping and playing songs long after everyone else had gone home for the day. this is a fun one that’s a little bit more melancholy sounding than the record version on plastic moon. hope ya’ll like it!

FreeHeartStuff (Week 11)

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Kacie and i have come along way in our knowing each other. a while back when i was doing my FIRST pledge campaign to raise money for Plastic Moon, i noticed one very supportive, very sweet, very engaged girl on my pledge page. from there, kacie and i have grown quite close and have creatively collaborated in a multitude of ways over the last year and a half, and i’m hoping we will continue to do so for a very long time. this is the song we wrote together along with Kyle Ryan one hot hot summer day in nashville TN.

FreeHeartStuff (Week 10)

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this video was taken when my lady friends were in town in my new home in Los Angeles CA. i love my lady friends. and though we’re all spread apart across the ol u s of a i know we’re tied together forever in our lady ways. alice rutherford, morgan perice, and i were in the park picnicking and reading and lounging and wearing big floppy lady hats when this GIANT hornet descended and ATTACKED this lil bee guy and we watched in TOTAL awe as lil bee guy was literally demolished and torn limb from body from limb. hornet fled the scene with the body meat of lil bee guy while the rest of lil bee guy struggled to see a few more seconds of our beautiful summer afternoon.

this one’s for you lil bee bud.